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11th Light Infantry Brigade

Families Presented with Memorial Flags

The following are a few photos of some of the families that have been presented with the Memorial Flags that have been flown over the capitol.

  • Families Presented
  • Barb Reed Sister of Andrew Duplechain
    Barb Reed sister of Andrew Duplechain
  • Barry Molettrie's sister Ruth with Al Furey
    Barry Molettrie's sister Ruth
  • Bob_VanTholen-JeriDonovanBolek
    Bob VanTholen, Jeri Donovan Bolek
  • Captain Earl Ray Michles
    Cpt Earl Ray Michles
  • Company Flags @ The Wall '06
    Company Flags
  • David Perkett's Brother Gary
    David Perkett's brother Gary
  • Douglas Lee Horn-Presented to Doug Robinett
    Douglas Lee Horn, presented to Doug Robinett
  • Family of Jimmie Ray Green Daughter & Granddaughters & Great-Grand-Kids
    Family of Jimmie Ray Green
  • Fred Fullertons Father
    Fred Fullerton's father
  • Gildow Family
    Gildow Family
  • Joe Marquez-Brother of Julian
    Joe Marquez's brother Julian
  • Keithline Family
    Keithline family
  • Mattson Family
    Mattson family
  • Michael Smith's Brother's 7 Sister's
    Michael Smith's brother and sisters
  • Mother&Sister of Alan Royston
    Alan Royston's mother & sister
  • Ms. Holloway-Mother of Vernon Hart
    Vernon Hart's mother
  • Pamala Jackson Hamblem Widow & Al Murphy
    Pamala Jackson Hamblem widow & Al Murphy
  • Rick Ritzlers Cousin Mike Holman
    Rick Ritzler's cousin Mike Holman
  • Robin Miller Family-Mother Betty Anne seated
    Robin Miller family
  • Roger Oglesby-Accepted by Jim Teller
    Roger Oglesby, accepted by Jim Teller
  • Rutherford Family (Amspacher)
    Rutherford family
  • Sgt. Darrin Mattson & John Sears
    Sgt Darrin Mattson & John Sears
  • Skumurski Family
    Skumurski family
  • Ted Miller's Bros., Glen&Mike
    Ted Miller's bros. Glen & Mike
  • The Hartmans-Bob,Michelle&Kids(RonDennis)
    The Hartman's family
  • The Snitchler Family
    the Snitchler family
  • Tom Behren's Brother Dan
    Tom Behren's brother Dan
Barb Reed Sister of Andrew Duplechain

Project of Honor

Our Project of HonorOur project, to honor the men of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us and should never be forgotten. As the men of the 11th LIB, or anyone, visit the cemeteries where our heroes are laid to rest, they are taking photos of their grave marker. These photos are then submitted and we link them to our 11th LIB Casualty lists. Read more...

4th/3rd Flag Project

US Folded FlagBruce Flaherty now has flags flown over the capitol and certificates for each of the families of all 289 KIA’s that served the 4th/3rd Infantry in Vietnam. His plan is to locate the families and provide them the flag and certificate, his reason is simple-to let the families know that their loved one is not forgotten.


FacebookWhile the 11th Light Infantry Brigade does not presently have a formal association, we do have a very active Facebook page. This page is a private Facebook Group page and you must request to join. When you request to join, you are sent a message with questions regarding unit or unit that supported the brigade, and when served or relative's information that served. If you do not respond within 14 days Facebook will delete your request. You will find the page listed as 11th Light Infantry Brigade Veterans Association.

Americal Division Veterans Association

Americal Division Veterans AssociationThe 11th LIB served under the Americal Division (23rd Infantry Division). Americal has a very active association, the Americal Division Veterans Association. Eligible veterans are cordially invited and welcomed to join the Americal Division Veterans Association. The association was formed in 1945 and currently has over 3,000 members. Associate memberships are also available. Membership cost is minimal. We encourage you to check out the ADVA.