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6engOrganized 31 December 1861 in the Regular Army at Washington, D.C., from new and existing companies of engineers as a provisional engineer battalion 6eng2(constituted 28 July 1866 as the Battalion of Engineers) Expanded 14 March-7 June 1901 to form the 1st and 2d Battalions of Engineers (2d Battalion of Engineers--hereafter separate lineage) 1st Battalion of Engineers expanded, reorganized, and redesignated 1 July 1916 as the 1st Engineer Regiment 1st Regiment of Engineers expanded 15 May 1917 to form the 1st, 6th, and 7th Regiments of Engineers (1st and 7th Regiments of Engineers--hereafter separate lineages) 6th Regiment of Engineers redesignated 29 August 1917 as the 6th Engineers Assigned 1 October 1917 to the 3d Division Regiment broken up 12 October 1939 and its elements reorganized and redesignated as follows: 1st Battalion as the 6th Engineer Battalion, an element of the 6th Division (later redesignated as the 6th Infantry Division) (Headquarters and Headquarters and Service Company disbanded; 2d Battalion as the 10th Engineer Battalion--hereafter separate lineage) 6th Engineer Battalion reorganized and redesignated 9 April 1942 as the 6th Engineer Motorized Battalion Reorganized and redesignated 1 May 1943 as the 6th Engineer Combat Battalion Inactivated 10 January 1949 in Korea Activated 4 October 1950 at Fort Ord, California Inactivated 3 April 1956 at Fort Ord, California Redesignated 15 May 1958 as the 6th Engineer Battalion and relieved from assignment to the 6th Infantry Division; concurrently activated at West Point, New York Inactivated 1 May 1966 at West Point, New York Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 6th Engineer Battalion, redesignated 15 June 1967 as the 6th Engineer Company, assigned to the 11th Infantry Brigade, and activated at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Inactivated 15 January 1968 at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, and relieved from assignment to the 11th Infantry Brigade Redesignated 17 August 1988 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 6th Engineer Battalion, assigned to the 6th Infantry Division, and activated at Fort Wainwright, Alaska (organic elements concurrently activated) Inactivated 15 June 1994 at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, and relieved from assignment to the 6th Infantry Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company activated 16 October 2008 at Fort Richardson, Alaska (Support Company concurrently constituted and activated)

 (The above information was taken from the US Military Linage and Honors website.)

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Accounted-For: This report includes the U.S. personnel who have been accounted for (including POW returnees and POW escapees) and all personnel whose remains have been recovered and identified since the end of the war.

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Unaccounted-For: This report includes the U.S. personnel who are still unaccounted for.

Information taken from Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency

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    Our Project of Honor

    Our project, to honor the men of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us and should never be forgotten. As the men of the 11th LIB, or anyone, visit the cemeteries where our heroes are laid to rest, they are taking photos of their grave marker. Read More
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