Bruce Flaherty’s Project…

Keithline FamilyReunions of  the veterans of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade, 4th/3rd Infantry are due in large part to the efforts of Dan Behrens, brother of Tom Behrens who served Delta Co. 4th/3rd, and was killed in action in 1968.  Dan wanted to learn more information about his brother’s service in Vietnam and anyone who remembered his brother.  His tireless search led him to about 30 or more of his brother “brothers” that have been brought together.  

Dan's work in reuniting this group of veterans made Bruce Flaherty think of how to show their gratitude to Dan Behrens for reuniting the members of D/4th/3rd. So, at the 2006 reunion in Washington D.C., Bruce Flaherty came up with the idea to present an American flag to Dan and to two other families of 0/4/3 KIAs. They obtained three flags that had been flown over the U.S. Capitol on July 4, 2006.

At the 2008 reunion, presentations of the three flags were made at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Flags were presented to Mrs. Mary Anne Allison in honor of her brother Lt. Henry Warner; Tom Behrens flag was sent to his brother Dan; and a flag to remember Duane Downing went to the Downing family who in turn donated the flag to the St. Johns Veterans Memorial Organization. That flag now flies over that memorial.

Presently…Company Flags The Wall 06

Bruce Flaherty now has flags flown over the capitol and certificates for each of the families of all 289 KIA’s that served the 4th/3rd Infantry in Vietnam.  His plan is to locate the families and provide them the flag and certificate, his reason is simple-to let the families know that their loved one is not forgotten.  

Bruce has also presented the Old Guard with flags flown over the capitol and certificates for the 4th/3rd regiment, Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Charlie Company, Delta Company, Echo Company, HHC and Medics in memory of those killed in action in the Vietnam War.

Need Help…

Locating a family member is not an easy task.  This is a long and time consuming project and Bruce could use our help.  So if you know of a family member of one of the KIA’s listed below, please contact Bruce.  If Bruce cannot present the flag and certificate himself, he contacts the Patriot Guard Riders or other organizations that assist and requests that they make the presentation to the family.  These flags and certificates mean a lot to the family.  Click HERE if you would like to visit the photo gallery of some of the families that have received their loved one's flag.

Bruce Flaherty can be contacted by directly by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by postal mail at 3526 168th Street, Flushing, NY, 11358.  Bruce would greatly appreciate donations, as the flags flown over the capitol cost $27.05 each.  He greatly appreciates those who have donated.

To date…

Of the 288 men killed in action that served the 4th/3rd Infantry, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division; 51 flags have been presented to the individual families.  Those names highlighted with a light blue background have had memorial flags and certificates presented to the family member(s).  We have a long way to go to see this project to completion!  Please see if you can help.  Thank you.

(These spreadsheets do not lend themselves to viewing with some phones, please use a tablet or desktop device for a better viewing experience.)

Alpha Co.

Last, First, Middle DOB Cas. Date DSC Hometown St Wall Location
Ackerman, Bill R 6/15/1947 3/29/1970   Salt Lake City UT 12 West Line 54
Andrada, Wilfredo B. 5/20/1941 9/21/1969   Hilo HI 18 West Line 118
Banda, Macario S 2/28/1948 2/11/1969   Austin TX 33 West Line 10
Bartlebaugh, Dennis Lee 5/29/1949 9/21/1969   Los Angeles CA 18 West Line 118
Bauer, Joseph F., Jr. 7/24/1942 2/26/1969   Baltimore MD 31 West Line 64
Bryan, David A. 8/22/1950 11/24/1970   North Canton OH 06 West Line 80
Burgos-Torres, Benjamin 8/23/1950 2/15/1971   Cayey PR 05 West Line 104
Castillo, Gregorio P. 5/9/1943 9/21/1969   Glendale CA 18 West Line 119
Comber, David Wayne 12/7/1951 2/15/1971   Philadelphia PA 05 West Line 105
Cunningham, Dennis A. 9/28/1949 8/21/1969   Detroit MI 19 West Line 85
Daigneault, Joseph R. 10/25/1942 5/20/1968   Worcester MA 64 East Line 3
De Felice, Lawrence J. 12/12/1944 2/26/1969   Copiague NY 31 West Line 65
De Marco, Patrick T. 3/2/1948 1/13/1969   Darby PA 35 West Line 81
Dean, Carl A. 3/23/1949 9/21/1969   Edgewater MD 18 West Line 118
Dennis, Ronald G. 8/8/1944 12/24/1969   Indianapolis IN 15 West Line 89
Ditson, Lyman R. 7/12/1945 2/9/1969   Littleton CO 33 West Line 93
Elting, Steven V. 8/11/1948 9/21/1969   Vestaburg MI 18 West Line 120
English, Steve C. 2/14/1950 2/12/1971   Seattle WA 05 West Line 98
Fields, John C. 11/28/1945 6/30/1968   Oklahoma City OK 54 West Line 23
Foster, Joe A., Jr 12/30/1937 9/21/1969   Birmingham AL 18 West Line 120
Franks, Davitt J. 2/24/1949 9/21/1969   Cleveland OH 18 West Line 120
Grant, James W. 2/14/1946 5/7/1968   Sanford FL 56 East Line 24
Gray, Newton M., Jr 2/5/1947 5/20/1968   Leon IA 64 East Line 5
Green, Jimmie R. 6/13/1948 11/27/1968 DSC Keota OK 38 West Line 74
Hart, Vernon 2/25/1951 8/15/1971   Vidalia GA 03 West Line 126
Hathcock, Larry C. 12/17/1948 9/21/1969   Stanfield NC 18 West Line 120
Hildebrandt, James G. 4/11/1947 7/18/1968   Middleton WI 51 West Line 5
Horn, Douglas L. 5/15/1950 2/14/1971   Kansas City MO 05 West Line 103
Junk, Richard H. 7/24/1947 5/20/1968   Cassville WI 64 East Line 5
Kelton, Richard L. 7/6/1949 11/16/1970   Chicago IL 06 West Line 64
Lane, Dennis W. 7/12/1946 5/21/1968   New York NY 64 East Line 16
Larry, John D., Jr 12/3/1942 5/20/1968   Birmingham AL 64 East Line 6
Larson, Thomas L. 9/5/1946 9/21/1969   Rock Island IL 18 West Line 123
Marquez, Julian E. 8/6/1952 2/15/1971   Albuquerque NM 05 West Line 107
Marzenell, Edward Jr 6/28/1947 6/25/1968   Birmingham AL 55 West Line 36
Maxie, Norman 1/30/1950 7/19/1971   Albany GA 03 West Line 111
Mayers, Ralph E.,III 11/21/1948 3/9/1969   Bedford Hills NY 30 West Line 91
Mc Clain, Willie J. Jr 5/3/1946 5/20/1968   Detroit MI 64 East Line 7
Mc Millin, Gary D. 8/18/1949 11/6/1970   Osceola MO 06 West Line 43
Mc Nabb, Douglas M. 9/17/1947 2/23/1968   Traverse City MI 40 East Line 77
Minkus, Dennis J. 10/10/1949 1/13/1969   Port Vue PA 35 West Line 83
Moran, David A. 11/2/1951 2/12/1971   Cold Brook NY 05 West Line 99
Moreno, Ramon 10/7/1936 5/3/1969   Belvedere SC 26 West Line 108
Oglesby, Gerald P. 11/1/1947 7/18/1968   North Mankato MN 51 West Line 12
Owens, Henry L. 5/1/1947 5/14/1969   Effingham SC 24 West Line 9
Pacheco, Michael J. 11/14/1950 9/21/1969   Paia Maui HI 18 West Line 122
Pynnonen, Michael J. 2/23/1948 3/29/1970   Lewiston MI 12 West Line 58
Ransom, Robert C., Jr 10/2/1944 5/11/1968   Bronxville NY 58 East Line 25
Rodriguez, Casimiro Jr 12/27/1944 4/19/1968   Bloomington TX 51 East Line 1
Ross, Gene K 6/12/1947 4/4/1968   Boron CA 48 East Line 9
Schmaltz, Douglas R. 8/2/1950 2/7/1971   Parma OH 05 West Line 84
Skumurski, David L. 2/13/1947 4/3/1968   Schenectady NY 47 East Line 56
Smith, Charles P. Jr 12/12/1948 5/10/1969   Richmond VA 25 West Line 43
Sprouse, Lee Roy D. 2/13/1948 6/25/1968   Dunmore WV 55 West Line 39
Stewart, Henry M.,Jr 9/27/1948 9/21/1969   Cincinnati OH 18 West Line 123
Swieczkowski, Michael J. 10/18/1946 5/20/1968   Hamburg NY 64 East Line 9
Troyano, Roland D. 1/11/1951 2/7/1971   Newport Beach CA 05 West Line 85
Turner, Van S., Jr 4/18/1948 1/19/1970   Clarksdale MS 14 West Line 48
West, Bobby 3/20/1949 1/21/1968   Orange CA 35 East Line 10
Western, Richard A. 2/6/1947 5/20/1968   Larchmont NY 64 East Line 10
Williamson, Ervin H. 11/28/1948 5/10/1969   Mifflin PA 25 West Line 45
Yoshonis, George C. 5/14/1950 5/16/1971   Ferndale MI 03 West Line 38



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